Coastal Lightscapes enjoys the challenge of designing the most effective and attractive lighting design for your landscape and home.  We offer free day time and night time comprehensive property evaluations.  Many of our customers like to see the effect of the lighting on their property before making a decision so we offer after dark demonstrations.  During this time we look at your landscaping, architectural features, existing light sources and areas that will benefit from functional lighting such as driveways, walkways, steps, decks and piers.

Keep in mind these very important reasons for choosing professional landscape lighting:

Beautification – Focal points and textures in your landscape and home are accented which brings these aspects together to create a warm night time experience.

Usability – Landscape lighting extends the time spent outdoors while also creating functionality when navigating your property at night

Security – It is a proven fact that a well-lit property will deter potential intruders throughout your property.

Value – Landscape lighting brings life to your property.  Professionally installed landscape lighting brings and excellent return on your investment because it creates a positive first impression at night.

For a list of homes and properties done by coastal Lightscapes in your neighborhood or are please feel free to contact us.

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Key Benefits of the Service

With over two decades of design experience and training we have been tasked to create some of the most detailed and  complex lighting projects in Hampton Roads.  We pride ourselves in consistently manipulating the lighting effect to ensure the best end results for our clients.